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FreeMath is an exceptionally high quality math program covering every math skill that should be taught for Grades 1 through 5. Its unique design will make your job as a teacher easier while dramatically increasing the efficiency of the math learning process for students. While all math programs teach nearly the identical content, FreeMath uses a unique layout that you will absolutely love! Our practice materials are printed on a skill by skill basis and unlike textbooks, each problem is already printed on the paper (no re-writing) and leaves plenty of room for calculations. After trying FreeMath you will definitely agree that the best things in life truly are FREE! Click the BEGIN FREE MATH link below to select a Grade Level.
* EASY TO USE A teacher/parent friendly Math Program for students in Grades K - 5
* ORGANIZED All math skills organized into "school weeks" for precise instruction order
* LOGICAL Index lists text description - click to see visual example of each math skill
* FAST ACCESS Download practice worksheets for any math skill with just one click
* EFFECTIVE Use as your primary math curriculum or support for your current program

A Superior Math Index
While all math programs teach nearly the same identical content, FreeMath has a redesigned Math Index that allows you to access quality practice materials for any math skill in seconds. View all skills that should be taught in one school year in a neat column format. We even show you what weeks the skills are typically taught in the U.S. public school system!. To sum things up - You'll simply fall in love! So take a peek, we are a 100% free math program, sponsored only by minimal advertisements (and no ads on our worksheets).

A Logical Math Program
FreeMath was developed by conducting a complete analysis of math textbooks from a variety of different sources (including math textbooks from the highest scoring school district in Florida).  From this base of information, we were able to create a detailed list of the specific math skills that should be taught in each elementary grade.  Order of instruction is critical since the ability to learn a new math skill is dependent upon how well the student learned  previous math skills.  For example, to successfully answer a long division problem, a student must first be able to perform basic addition and subtraction, and also have memorized the multiplication facts.  If these pre-requisite skills are not mastered, it becomes very difficult for the student to correctly answer a division problem in any reasonable amount of time.

Rapid Progress!
Whether you are working with a student who is years behind in math ability or a talented student with exceptional math ability,
FreeMath provides an efficient format for advancing through grade level math skills at a much faster pace.

It's Easy to Get Started
The best way to get started with the Free Math Program is to simply give us a try.   So take a look around - click the "FreeMath"  link above. 

FreeMath will soon have an online math test which your students can take to determine which math skills they have (and have not) mastered. The test will also automatically compile practice worksheets for just the skills they did not know. - Imagine that!