Skill 2D
Picture Problems: Understanding "How Many in All?"

The picture on the screen shows 3 big hamburgers and 2 little hamburgers. The question I want you to answer is - How Many in All?

But before you tell me the answer I want you to look at the number sentence below the hamburgers and tell me what operation sign (plus or minus) to put into the box to answer this problem correctly.  So, what operation symbol goes in the box?

Here, we want to see if your student immediately knows to add when hearing the phrase
"how many in all" as well as understanding of operation symbols in a number sentence. 
If there is hesitation regarding whether to add or subtract you should print and practice this skill.
Remember, along with understanding the words "how many in all," we want to determine if your student also understands the operation symbol for addition (as being a plus sign) and then being able to come to an answer from looking at the number sentence.  If any one of these are wrong,
please practice this skill.

3 Big Hamburgers   2 Little Hamburgers
3 2 =