Skill 3D
Subtraction Facts: Subtracting from 6

The goal should be to eventually have the student answer these facts from memory, although this doesn't typically happen until later grades.  In the meantime, students typically  need to calculate answer by counting objects of some type.  While addition facts can typically be answered by counting figures - subtraction facts are answered by writing and crossing out "tally-marks" - objects of some kind - or by counting up on one's fingers.  Whichever method is used our main goal here is to insure the student simply understands the concept of subtraction with small numbers.  In other words, do they know that subtraction means to be "taking-away and that the answer will always be smaller. If too much time is taken in calculating answers, the worksheet should be given for additional practice.

Tell me the answer to the subtraction facts below as I point to them.

6 - 5 =

6 - 3 = 6 - 1 = 6 - 6 =