Skill 5B
Addition Facts: Sums 9 and 10

You'll notice that our addition fact skills are broken down into small groups according to their sums (answers).  This is done to encourage mastery of a small "manageable" group before moving onto another set of facts.  Again, this is just part of the MathKEY efficiency.
While our goal here is to have the student answer these facts from memory, this doesn't typically happen until later grades.  In the meantime, students typically need to calculate addition facts by counting objects of some type.  While counting real objects or tally marks gets the job done, it is slow and doesn't need to be done once the concept of addition is understood.  The best way to speed up the counting process is to count with something that the student always has at their disposal.  Fingers come in quite handy (no pun intended) for speeding up the answering of 2 and 3 digit addition problems. 

Answer the addition facts as I point to them below.
If too much time is taken in calculating answers skill should be practiced.


9 + 0 = 4 + 6 = 1 + 8 = 4 + 5 =