Skill 5D
Problem Solving: Addition: Using pictures - number sentence - "In all"

This skill is primarily to determine if your student knows that the phrase "in all" means the same as "how many in all."  Also gives more practice with picture drawing and complete number sentence writing from the picture that was drawn. Watch to see if there is any hesitation in how to do the problem.

Listen carefully while I read you the word problem on the screen.
Use a paper and pencil to draw a picture to help solve the problem.

Joey has 6 marbles.
Ann has 3 marbles.
How many marbles do they have in all?

Now, do not tell me the answer right away as I want to see if you can also draw a good picture that would help you solve the problem.
  I'll read you the problem again while you draw your picture (Go ahead and read the problem again).

If your student's picture is correct, it should show six marbles (represented by round circles and perhaps the word Joey next to the marbles to show that those are his marbles) and another 3 marbles perhaps with the word Ann next to them.  After your student's picture is complete ask them to write a number sentence that represents the problem.