Skill 1B
Counting from 100 to 200

While 1st Grade requires students to count to 100, most schools require 2nd Grade students to count to at least 1000 by the end of the year.   The counting process to 1000 is broken down over the year into smaller groups.  Here we are going to determine your student's skills on counting and writing to just 200. Along with reading the numbers your student should be able to write them as well, to assess this skill, please call out 5 random numbers from 100-200 and have your student write the numbers on a piece of paper.  If he/she has difficulty with writing any of the numbers or has difficulty with the skill below, you should provide additional practice.

Below are six different boxes.  The black numbers in the box contain a blank line.  Which number should go on the blank line to make the number order correct? 
Choose from one of the green numbers in the box. 


100 102
104 102 101
99 101
102 100 98
109 111
110 112 108
150 151
152 149 147
187 188
189 185 186
198 199
197 100 200