Skill 4A
Two Digit Plus One Digit: Horizontal

Adding a two-digit number with a one-digit number horizontally is a very important skill in being able to properly add 3 numbers vertically.  For example, if your student was adding 25 + 27 + 33 vertically, he/she would first add 5+7, then take that answer (which is 12) and add 3 on top of that.  The problems below practice this exact process.  If your student is doing this correctly, he/she should be using a "count-on"  method (i.e. flying fist) by saying the larger first number and then counting up by the value of the second number (extending the fingers one at a time from the fist). 

To make this process even easier to understand (not here, but when teaching it in our worksheet) you could say - "What is 11 plus 4 fingers?"

Tell me the answer to the addition problems below.  I want you to get the answer to these problems in  the easiest and fastest way you know. 

Your student should use some type of "count-on" method and not be starting from 1 (as that would greatly extend the time it takes to get the answer). The answer really should be achieved in no more than 10 seconds, otherwise, the skill should be practiced. 


11 + 4 = 16 + 3 =