Skill 3F
Rounding to Nearest 100

This skill is notorious for being difficult to teach. If your student does have trouble with rounding please try the technique below the problem as we believe it is the most effective of all techniques out there.
We detail it below the problem if you would like to try it with the worksheet practice. For these problems, 376 rounds up to 400. 485 rounds up to 500 and 995 rounds up to 1000. Of course, 500 stays the same since the number to the right of the hundreds place is a 0.

Round each number to the nearest 100.









Rounding numbers is difficult for some students as they have a difficult time remembering when to round up and when the number should stay the same. While there are a number of tricks out there, we believe this one is the easiest and most effective.

Here are the steps to remember for rounding:
1. Underline the place value being rounded to - here, the student would underline the hundreds place. 
2. If the number to the right of the underlined number is 4 or less then the underlined digit stays.
3. If the number to the right is 5 or more then the underlined digit goes up one.

4. Oh yes, one more thing - The number to the right is so tired after telling the underlined digit what to do that it explodes and turns into a 0.

To summarize:

Step 1 - Underline the place value.
Step 2 - Put the number to the right of the underlined number into the computer. If it is 5 or bigger then the underlined number increases by one, otherwise the underlined number stays the same.
Step 3 - Explode the number to the right of the underlined number and turn it into a zero.  Oh yes, if you make an explosion sound in your mouth while teaching this your student will most likely chuckle a few times and remember 3 times as well!

And there you have it - the three steps to successful and flawless rounding.