Skill 6I
Problem Solving: Choose the Operation
If your student can set up problems with missing addends (10 + ___ = 15), we next need to determine if he/she can use this skill to solve a  word problem. This problem is a little more complex than a basic addition or subtraction problem since missing addends must be used to find the answer.  Although many students will know to subtract immediately to find the answer.  It is advantageous for the student to first make a number sentence that corresponds to the word problem. So, the first step should be to write 26 + ___ = 32.   This helps "visualize" what needs to be done next, which is to write 32 - 26 = ______.

Use your skills in making fact familes to solve the problem.

Aimee had 26 comic books.
A friend gave her some more comic books.
Now Aimee has 32 comic books.

How many comic books
did Aimee's friend give her?