Skill 9E
Problem Solving: Using a Pictograph

A pictograph (taken from the word picture) is nothing more than a graph that uses visual pictures to represent something.  Sometimes the pictures are all the same (which can become confusing) as they are only used to represent a number.  Therefore, students must be reminded to look carefully at the text description to the left of the picture to know what is actually being counted.

Ethan's class visited the zoo and recorded how many lions, tigers, giraffes and monkeys live in the zoo. They put the results in the pictograph below.

Your job is to complete the frequency table below by using the information given in the pictograph.  Choose your answers from the right of the frequency table.
Animals Number of
Lions ? 0 2 3 5 don't know
Tigers ? 0 2 3 5 don't know
Giraffes ? 0 2 3 5 don't know
Monkeys ? 0 2 3 5 don't know


Now answer these questions about the frequency table above.

3. How many animals live in the zoo altogether?
12 13 14 none of these don't know

4. Are there more monkeys and giraffes than lions and tigers?

yes no same don't know

5. How many more monkeys and tigers are there than giraffes and lions?

2 3 5 none of these don't know