Skill 13B
Division: Divide into Groups
Teaching diagrams for division is often difficult for the student to understand. 
Here, we start off with 6 elephants.  There are 3 elephants in each group.  This gives us the division problem 6 divided by 3.  If we had 15 elephants and put them into groups of three it would represent the problem 15 divided by 3.  The answer comes from how many groups (or circles) there are. 
So, in the picture below we show the math fact 6 divided by 3 = 2 (since there are 2 circled groups). 
In summary:
First number in a horizontal division fact is the total number inside all circles. 
Second number in the division fact is the number inside one circle. 
Third number (which is the answer) is the total number of circles. 
TRICK: Stress to students that the first number in a division fact is always the biggest while the answer is always the smallest number. So, a quick phrase to memorize that would help with doing the skill would be:  Inside all - Inside one - How many circles?
Look at the elephants. They have been circled in equal groups.
Write a division fact that goes with the grouping of the elephants.