Skill 4D
Writing a Subtraction Number Sentence from a Word Problem

Here we are making things a little more involved by combining the skill of drawing pictures from a word problem with writing a number sentence.  However, the words "How many are left" should immediately clue your student to the fact that this must be a subtraction problem. Your student should also immediately know the meaning of the term "number sentence," if not, you should go back and practice this skill as the term is used repeatedly throughout Grade 1 and higher.

I am going to read you a word problem. 
After hearing the problem, use a paper and pencil to draw a picture to help solve the problem. 

There are 8 birds in a tree.
3 fly away.
How many are left?

Now that you have drawn a picture to help solve the problem, I would like for you to write a number sentence to check your answer.

What numbers and symbols should you use
to make a number sentence that will check this problem?
Use a separate sheet of paper for this.