Skill 4E
Subtracting from 10
In early elementary grades, students typically need to find the answer to subtraction problems by counting objects of some type.  Teachers typically start with counting (and removing) real objects, then progress to drawing and crossing-out objects on paper, using a number line and eventually counting up using fingers (saying the lower number and counting up to the higher number).

Pay close attention to how your student finds the answer to each subtraction fact, whether finger counting, paper and pencil, memorization etc. If too much time is taken in calculating answers, skill should receive additional practice. If your student is in Grade 1, don't be concerned if the child takes a minute to draw and count the objects.  If your student is in Grade 2 or higher, this should be a quicker process.

Say each subtraction fact below and then say the answer. 
Use whatever way you would like to find the answer.


10 - 5 = 10 - 9 = 10 - 3 = 10 - 8 =