Skill 4F
Unique Number Sentences

Most word problems should be solved by writing a basic number sentences with the answer being the number to the right of the equal sign.  Although, this problem could be solved by finding the difference between the two numbers, it really should be a two step problem.  The first step should be to make a number sentence that goes with the word problem (
10 - ? = 6),  the next step would be to get a number line (or draw 10 objects) and cross them out until 6 are left. These types of problems are certainly more difficult than if we said - Lucy had 10 cards.  She gave away 4, how many are left?  This simpler problem type is in the next skill 4G.

Lucy has 10 baseball cards.
She gives some to her friend
and now has 6 cards left.
How many baseball cards did she give to her friend?

Which is the correct number sentence to use
after drawing a picture to help solve the word problem?

10 - 6 = ?
10 - ? = 6
6 + 4 = ?
10 - 4 = ?