Skill 8C
Reading a Bar Graph

A bar graph is often used to show the quantity of something and provides a quick visual comparison to other things in the graph. You can have a vertical or horizontal bar graph.  Here we want to determine if your student understands the layout and logic of a vertical bar graph.  Each column represents a type of food that students called their "favorite."  The number to the left of the graph represents "how many" students called that food their "favorite."  Read the "red" text below the graph.

Gene asked his classmates to vote for their favorite food. 
He put their
 votes in this bar graph.
Answer the questions I ask you about the graph.

1.  How many classmates chose pizza?
2.  How many classmates chose hot dogs?
3.  How many classmates chose tacos?
4.  How many classmates chose hamburgers?
5.  How many more classmates chose hot dogs than pizza?