Skill 8D
Making Bar Graphs from Tally Table

Previous skills tested your student's ability to read information from different types of graphs. We now want to go the next step which is to see if your student can make their own bar graph from the information in a tally table.

Ryan asked his classmates to vote for their favorite snack at lunch. The students' answers were put in the tally table. When I point to the favorite snack, tell me the number of classmates who voted for that food.

Favorite Snack Total
carrot sticks
Now I'd like for you to make a bar graph from the tally table.
When I say the snack under the column, tell me how high you should fill it in if you were doing this with a separate piece of paper.
In order to save time, try doing this by just having the student point to "how high" each column should be filled in to represent the tally table.  However, If you'd like you can print out this page and have the student fill it in manually.